Art Basel Miami 2016 took place the first week in December in Miami Beach, Florida. Here’s a recap on what was hot.

Hidden Figures – Portraits were found with objects or texture over the face, sometimes to add dimension and other times to conceal identity altogether.

Déja Vu – Repetition of objects, images, and framed art were found over and over again. The unexpected materials were the most fun – from forks, to tools, to dolls, to keys. Even slices of bread made it to Basel.

Multicolor Facets – Bright color facets in a rainbow palette brought a playful feel to paintings, sculpture and fiber art.

Mirror Mirror – Reflection in all mediums was definitely a theme. Glass, aluminum, chrome and steel were trending materials. Repetition, facets, and messages were interpretations within the mirror trend.

Space Oddity – Life-size Astronaut sculptures were discovered hovering over visitors while paintings of rockets flying to the moon and galaxies filled with diamond-dusted planets lingered nearby.

In Bloom – Bouquets and gardens were everywhere. Surreal, melting florals were an exciting interpretation.

Black and White – Always a classic statement, there was no shortage of this foolproof palette in any medium.


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