The Significance of the Protest Poster


We are living in a highly political time. There are many causes that citizens are being vocal about right now, whether it concerns the pandemic, discrimination against the Black community, or the budgets of our police departments.

The protest is an action that has been instrumental in making the voices of the people heard. It’s where a major movement starts – at the ground level – and paves the way to making real cultural change by influencing government policy.

Along with marching and chanting, large groups of citizens carry their own handmade signs, broadcasting the powerful messages they want people to hear. Protest signs are an important tool in communicating the wants and demands of the people – allowing the message to be spread quickly through visuals, and capturing history through the photograph.

Throughout the decades, we have seen many political movements expressed in protest. Each era has its own characteristics, as do the protest signs. Some of the protest posters are communicating only through words and type. Others have a combination of letters, graphics, and photographs. The slogans and images are powerful and often become iconic of that generation.

The more clever the poster design, the more impactful the message. Catchy slogans and well designed graphics have a lasting impact on the minds of the public. Good ideas and good design can actually help push social justice forward. Art can make a difference. Make your voice heard.

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